In our first Meet the Blogger, we caught up with Vihra Rowe, the Fairy Lady behind the craft blog „The Paper Heart.
Vihra was a host in a popular lifestyle TV show, as well as a reporter and editor for a couple of lifestyle magazines in Bulgaria.
Nowadays, Vihra spends her time between Europe and Australia, still dedicated to her passion to create and spread beauty though her blog „The Paper Heart“. She is a popular face and has followers who use to stop her on the street, asking for advice on how to wrap gifts or make their own decorations at home. She is inspired by her love of handcrafts, but also by the love of two Libra Men – her husband and her son.
Vihra takes a refreshing personal approach to her craft blogs, offering the reader some ineteresting ideas on how to bring joy and a unique style to their every day life. Whether at home or on holiday Vihra is impassioned by the paperheart cause! Meet our Fairy Vihra:
How did you get into blogging?
I studied Literature and always had the need to express myself by writing. Despite the time in front of the TV cameras, I still feel better with a sheet of white paper. So, one day a friend of mine wrote an article about the then modern blogging and said to me, “Why don’t you try? You can show how to create different things”. And I tried, almost 11 years ago today I started my first blog – in Bulgarian.
What motivates you as a blogger?
For me, women are crafters. All humans are crafters, but during the last few centuries we became more users than creators, more consumers than crafters. A lot of the things we are buying are made to have a short life, to spur us to buy more and more. We have lost respect for well-made things and started creating respect for “having more” things instead. We are surrounded by anonymous objects, possessions with no personal touch. This is the thing I want to change – to make people inject their own personal touch into their lives. We can often say now, “This was embroidered by my great grandmother…”, but what will our great-grandchildren say? “This was bought by my great grandmother”? Sounds sad to me.
The other thing is that after the economic crisis of 2008, a lot of women lost their jobs and had to start new businesses from home. I try to inspire these women to be brave, to believe in themselves and to change their lives by being more creative.
What advice can you give to anyone interested in starting their own blog?
Write from your heart! There a lot of articles about how to make money by blogging. But if you do not write passionately, if you do not write from your heart, your readers will not respect you and will turn to someone, who while still trying to make money blogging, is doing it with passion.
What kind of jewelry do you prefer to wear?
Oh, I am a jewellery lover! I have a lot of jewellery and wear them according to my mood in the moment. Sometimes they are very big and bright, sometimes elegant and simple, but big or small, they need to be different – like not just a simple ring, but with a twist in the shape, with a little tease if you want, something which separates the woman from the crowd… I see in your collection a lot of jewellery of this type and it makes me happy – a lot of women will find the ring or the earrings, or the bracelet which shows their personality to the world. These things are important. Women must not be part of the crowd, they must shine!

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