Our Mission


To offer you something to boast about, but also to bring a lot of beauty and joy to your day!   

About Us 

Our brand name is inspired by "Libra" - the Zodiac sign representing the Beauty, Harmony and Balance in life, while the "Passion" is driving us to deliver a unique non-verbal communication of style to our audience of smart, sensitive and passionate customers.

Our jewelry is made of the brightest of all precious metals - Sterling Silver, whether with added gold layer, or combined with gentle crystals and natural stones, while our "signature" products are made exclusively for and offered only by our brand!

We'd like to encourage you not only to express a unique style without having to say a word, but also we hope to bring comfort and vital energies to interact with your mind and body to positive effect. 

We truly believe that the purchase of our products will make you happy and flamboyant!  

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